This page offers guidelines to help you make your funeral and final disposition decisions. First, here are some important facts about the cemeteries that make up Washington Park Cemetery Association:

  • Locally owned and operated non-profit cemetery association
  • We offer a complete range of cemetery options: ground, community and personal mausoleum, plus cremation products and services.
  • Many of our cemeteries have a Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Center on grounds for complete cemetery, funeral, florist, catering and related services.
  • We are an active member and supporter of the community
  • Our Community Life Center is available for funerals, family, civic and business events
  • All cemeteries have care funds that will maintain the cemeteries even after they have reached capacity
  • If you move then your purchase is transferable to over 900 cemeteries through the country. (Through the International Cemetery & Funeral Association’s transfer program).


Our families tell us that having a permanent place to come remember a loved one is important to them — that it’s part of continuing their loved-ones legacy.

At our parks there are various honorable and memorable ways to memorialize a loved one. Cremated remains can be buried, placed in a columbarium niche or scattered.

Our Cumberland Trails Cremation Garden at Washington Park East is a unique option where a loved one’s cremated remains can be placed and memorialized. This garden is unique to the Central Indiana area.


Affordable garden mausoleum crypts were first made available in Indianapolis at Floral Park Cemetery over forty years ago. Since that time thousands of individuals have shown a preference for above ground crypts. Personal estate and private estate above-ground options are also available.

Benefits of Mausoleum Entombment

  • A clean, dry, dignified burial option
  • Above ground – personally preferred by many
  • Crypts can be visited in spite of poor weather (some crypts are even indoors)
  • Direct access means no walking across graves
  • Honeycombed interlocking system makes mausoleum resistant to natural disasters
  • Less long-term maintenance by cemetery

Ground Burial

Ground burial has been the traditional method of burial in Indiana because of past practice and a large amount of available land. Though land in our cemeteries is still available for many years to come, we encourage our families to also consider the benefits of mausoleum entombment.

Benefits of Ground Burial

  • Lowest cost option
  • Allows for greater personalization on the monument
  • Numerous lots can be purchased for generations of family members
  • Tree memorials / benches can be added nearby



Monuments are available at the cemetery in the full range of style and sizes. Prices are competitive and in some cases lower than what you will find elsewhere.

New laser etching techniques allow for photographs to be placed on the granite memorial.
We recommend that you purchase your memorial from us because we are a non-profit cemetery that will be responsible for maintaining your burial space in the future.

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